Premium Organic Matcha


Premium Organic Matcha

Experience the finest quality and delicious taste of our JAS Certified Organic Matcha from Japan with our 40g pack. This pure green tea powder is grown and harvested with care, ensuring its organic and pure nature. Our matcha is JAS certified, meaning it meets the strict standards for organic agriculture, ensuring you get the best quality product. Enjoy the smooth, rich, and nutty flavor in your favorite drinks and dishes, and reap the benefits of its antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Try our Thābit JAS Certified Organic Matcha today and taste the difference. 


Enjoy your matcha by: 

  • Blending a functional smoothie
  • Baking health treats
  • Enjoying the peaceful Matcha ceremony
  • Sipping on a classic Matcha Latte


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